Yorktown for the day!

Yesterday we spent the afternoon in Yorktown. There is a really pretty beach area and they have sidewalks where you can walk and areas to picnic and sit on the benches and just look out over the water. It’s really pretty. My husband, William’s, cousin Trish is a photographer and so we met her there so she could take Maggie’s 1 year pictures. 

Trish is an amazing photographer and I have to give a shoutout to her! Check out her facebook page here. 

When we first arrived there it was sprinkling a little so we went under the huge bridge that is right there on the beach. We were safe from the rain there. But then we saw this lightning rolling in and all of a sudden it started to DOWNPOUR! It was crazy! We took off for these bathrooms…which were locked. Of course! So we just stood there huddled under this little overhang and waited out the storm. And we were soaked. 

When it let up a little, we decided to run to the cars and then we treated ourselves to dinner for surviving the “perfect” storm. After dinner we went back to Yorktown, because the weather had completely cleared up and got Maggie’s pictures done. And they came out wonderfully! 

I highly recommend Yorktown for date night, beach day, or just to walk around when your relatives come into town and want to “see the sights.” Parking is free and there is an ice cream shop there if you want to grab dessert. 

Here is a link to the website where you can get more information. 


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