I can do it myself, Mommy….even if it means getting run over by a sheep.

Maggie and I went to the “Teeny Tiny Zoo” at the Greenbrier Library today. She had a lot of fun petting the animals. There were goats, ponies, donkeys, pigs, and her personal favorite- the sheep.

She loved petting the sheep’s soft fur, but every time she got a little rough I grabbed her hand to show her “gentle….gentle…gentle.” My daughter has a mind of her own though…and she did not want me to help her pet the animals or walk from pen to pen for that matter. I am not sure I am ready for this independence thing- what will I do when she is a teenager? I always want to save her from falling, tripping, stumbling, bumping, scraping, etc. But I also need to let her learn. She has to realize that this independence that she wants will get her those things that I so want to save her from- the bumps and bruises. So as much as I try to control the situation, I am learning to sit back and let her learn on her own….even if it means that she gets run over by a sheep……

Well, okay…I did save her from the sheep- how could I let her get run over by the sheep? 
 Each day I am learning more and more to let her do it on her own so that way she learns- and I learn and grow as a mom as well. 

The Chesapeake Library has a lot of Summer Reading programs and events….which is how we found out about the Teeny Tiny Farm. Check out this link to find out more events going on at the Chesapeake Library. 


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