The Natural Mommy Instinct is Similar to a Giraffe.

Our mommy group headed out to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk yesterday and had a blast. I must say, that zoo is really great!! Besides the minor detour where the GPS…also known as Gertrude… got confused and took me to a not-so-Beverly Hills neighborhood and then told me, “you will park and walk to your destination” and I said, “Heck no, Gertrude…you will find me an alternative route!” And guess what?! She listened to me. We did find an alternative route and made it safely to the zoo parking lot. Thank the good Lord! 
Once we parked, we headed in to see all of the animals! 
They had a baby giraffe, elephants, zebras, lions, pretty much everything you can think of. It is really great! They also redid it so now the Tiger display is more accessible. 

They also added some water spots were the kids can play in the water. 

Christine enjoyed the Orangutan exhibit. 

This is the baby giraffe! He was so cute. The mama giraffe followed him around to protect him. I love the natural instinct that animals have…and then realized, “Oh my word! I have that same mama instinct.” God has given us moms a natural instinct to go into protection mode if our babies (of any age) are in trouble or get hurt. I never thought I was ready for kids because I didn’t have the “mom instinct” but looking at these giraffes I realized….somewhere along the lines of this last year with Maggie- I got the instinct! When she falls, when she cries, when she wanders a little too far, when she sticks her face in the water and comes up gasping for air…the natural “mommy” instinct to help her just kicks in. God truly did know what he was doing when he created moms….boy, do I sound like a Hallmark card, but I am so serious!!! 

I highly, highly, highly recommend checking out the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. It’s really a cool zoo. All the kids enjoyed it! It is open every day (except for major holidays) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Ticket prices are as follows:
  • Adults: $11
  • Children: $9 (ages 2-11)
  • Senior Citizens: $10 (ages 62 and older)
  • With Valid Military I.D.: $10
  • Current AAA Member: $10
  • Children under 2: Free
  • Virginia Zoo Members: Free
  • With Valid Norfolk College Student I.D.: Free
  • Individual with ADA-Recognized Disability and One Companion: Free

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