Broken Fence made into a Wall Project

A few months ago we had a bad storm blow through our town and our fence was blown over and broken. So William put up a new fence in the section that was broken and put the old fence in a pile for the trash. But I ran out and saved the pieces of the fence for a wall project. I had recently found purple paint on and repainted our bathroom. Now I needed some type of art to put on the empty purple wall. So here is what I did:

1. I took the old fence posts and lined them up. Then cut them down so they weren’t too long.

2. I used white paint and painted the fence pieces- didn’t completely cover them with white, but made it look distressed. 

3. I screwed the fence pieces together using two base pieces behind them. 
4. I used two long white pieces of fence and two short square pieces to make a “flower box.”
5. I used screws and a drill to screw the flower box to the bottom of the fence. 
6. I added five mason jars to the flower box with fake purple flowers that I picked up at the Dollar Tree. I used purple flowers to match the purple paint in the bathroom. 

And ………Whalllla (In my best accent)!!!!! We have a cool piece to hang on the wall!


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