Great Wolf Lodge isn’t just for KIDS!!!

This weekend my incredible boss at Sylvan, Kim, treated all of her teachers and their families to a night at Great Wolf Lodge. I was so excited when I heard because I have never been there. 
William and I checked into going awhile ago, but it was super expensive so I just never looked into it again. BUT, Kim said she found a really great deal on GROUPON- I love groupon! If you haven’t signed up for their daily deals….do it now by clicking here! They have a lot of great deals for local places where you can get great discounts on food, lodging, things to buy, etc. 
Anyways, we drove up to Williamsburg Sunday afternoon and checked into Great Wolf Lodge. The amazing thing about this place is that it has an INDOOR waterpark! So you get up to 6 people in a room plus 6 tickets into the waterpark for the day you check in and the day you check out. It’s a great deal!! And during the summer they have an outdoor pool area too- which is where we went first. 
Maggie found a slide outside that was perfect height for her. William would help her up the steps and I would catch her at the bottom. Then I would try to walk her to something else fun….and she would just make her way back to the steps of that slide. So for an hour all we did was help her up the steps and catch her at the bottom of the slide….then help her up the steps….then catch her at the bottom of the slide. Sounds super boring, but if you could see her face light up every single time she was about to go down that slide…you would have done if for an hour too!! 
The thing I love about Great Wolf Lodge is that it is for kids of all ages (0-99)- haha. No seriously, I felt like a big kid in there. The have huge slides, a wave pool, kiddie slides, a jungle gym to climb through, basketball, and my personal favorite- the lazy river! There is so much to do for kids and adults of all ages. Of course, we spent a lot of time in the kiddie area because we have a one year old. But there is so much more exploring to do with older kids. The thing I really liked about the kiddie area was how there were no steps- but just a big slope. So it started with very little water and as you keep walking down the slope it gets deeper and deeper. Of course, for the little ones it only gets to be like a foot deep- but that was perfect for Maggie. She wanted to walk and do everything herself, so I really liked how it wasn’t too deep. Of course she slipped a couple times and went under the water but William and I were right there to catch her. 

 “I get to play in there, mommy?! Sweeeeet!”

Maggie really loved the wave pool too. She would just hang out on William’s lap and wait for the waves to come. (They do 8 minutes of waves, 8 minutes of calm water) Maggie would smile and laugh as their raft went over the waves. It was really cute. We loved the wave pool! 

And of course I can’t forget to talk about the rooms. Our room was HUGE!!!! We had double beds and then another little section for a “living room.” We put Maggie’s pack n’ play up there so she was sort of separate from us and could sleep better. And we had a balcony!!!! It was so cool! Plus they had a cool game in the lobby area of the hotel so the kids would run around from station to station playing this game- it looked sort of like a scavenger hunt type thing- they all seemed to be having a blast. 
We were super excited about how amazing our accommodations were. We will definitely be going back there some day!! We had such a great time, plus we had a lot of fun with my co-workers and their families. Kim honored all of the teachers with really sweet, personalized gifts and told us how much the students and parents love us. It was really nice and made me excited about my job there. Overall, we had an amazing time!!! 

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