Take time to smell the roses!

It is a B.E.A.Utiful day today in Hampton Roads! I have a hundred things on my To-Do List, but sometimes you have to stop and smell the roses. So today, William and I forgot about how we had to clean the tub, do the dishes, and fix the outside light, and took Maggie outside with her Power Wheels bike….and my scarf that she absolutely had to wear and let her test out her new wheels. She loved it! And she looked about as cute as ever riding around with her sunglasses and scarf.

As a mom and wife, I feel like I never rest. I always have something I should be doing and I feel guilty if I take time to rest or sit. But life is short….and the smile on Maggie’s face today when she drove that bike around was …. well, priceless. And I will ALWAYS remember that….I won’t always remember that cup that needs to be cleaned, or that stain that I need to get out of that shirt. Those things do need to get done, but don’t worry, you will find time to do it eventually. Take time to embrace the moments that matter and don’t feel guilty about it. When your kids are grown, you will be glad you took time to watch them become who they are!  

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