Maggie Loves her "Just Ones" Library Class!

Today was Maggie’s first library class! She had such a great time. She got to see her friend there and meet new friends too. The class started by the teacher introducing herself and then we sang songs and danced, played with shakers, and read a cute story about a mouse.

Of course, all the other children were sitting nicely in their mom’s laps on the big story time carpet while my very independent child tried to sit on a chair in the corner. I guess she is “too good” for the carpet. But she joined in on the fun when she saw a mouse puppet and had a blast playing with the other children.

This is the first class that I have taken Maggie to and I have to admit I had a bit of anxiety with how she would be. She has a “do it myself” demeanor and I had nightmares that all the other children would be sitting perfectly, patiently, and contently all the while wondering what was wrong with “that kid over there”. But to my delight- there wasn’t anything to be worried about. It was very laid back and the other children were exploring the room just like Maggie was. I just have to always remind myself that she isn’t “being bad” just because she is testing out the world around her. I need to guide her and make sure she doesn’t get hurt, but I constantly have to remind myself to have patience while my little one learns and grows.

We are excited about her class next Wednesday and all the fun she will have throughout this fall library class. Reading is so important even when they are young and this class makes reading and learning fun- if you haven’t signed up for a library story time class I highly recommend it! It’s fun, free, and educational- can’t go wrong there!


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