A Great Day with the Animals at the Virginia Zoo

Today was the perfect day to go to the Virginia Zoo in Norfolk. The weather is cooling off and the kids are back in school so there was hardly anyone there. It was awesome! We started off by hitting up the bathroom because Maggie spilled water all over her adorable skinny jeans- so she needed to be changed. After that we grabbed a picnic table and had lunch. Once lunch was over we were off to see the animals….well after a pit stop to sit on a giant pretend turtle.

Next we went to see the monkeys. There was a baby monkey that was so adorable. They swung around and put on a little show for us….at least that is what we thought they were doing. It was so cute watching the baby monkey trying to follow his daddy and mommy. 
We went around to see the tiger but he wasn’t near the window. We also saw the big bears, birds, reptiles, elephants and giraffes. The giraffe was super close to us! 
Around the time we were going to see the elephants the clouds starting rolling in. I didn’t want to be stuck there so we started rushing through the rest of the animal displays to get back to the entrance so we could leave. We didn’t get rained on and we got to see all of the animals! We had such a fun time. 
We have a pass so we get into the Virginia Zoo for free, if you don’t have a pass the prices for admission are as follows:
  • Adults: $11
  • Children: $9 (ages 2-11)
  • Senior Citizens: $10 (ages 62 and older)
  • With Valid Military I.D.: $10
  • Current AAA Member: $10
  • Children under 2: Free
  • Virginia Zoo Members: Free
  • With Valid Norfolk College Student I.D.: Free
  • Individual with ADA-Recognized Disability and One Companion: Free


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