My First Stroller Strides Class!

Today was my very first Stroller Strides Class and I LOVED it!! I’m not gonna lie, I am totally going to be sore in the morning. I did not realize what I a great workout program Stroller Strides was. We met at Mt. Trashmore at 9:30 AM this morning and it looked a little like this:

I know this looks a little overwhelming, but it was actually quite organized. They were celebrating their 10th Anniversary with a Big Shebang! They had several groups of 10 or moms and children (in strollers of course) doing the hour long class. I happened to be placed in the third class to get started. My instructors were Jen and Jen and they were wonderful!!! Super friendly and awesome at giving instructions. Of course, right before we got in our first circle for a warm up Maggie threw up her morning milk ….all….over….everything! So yeah, that was a great first impression. But what I loved about Stroller Strides is how down-to-Earth all of the moms were and how friendly and accommodating everyone was. I never felt out of place- I was immediately welcomed in and accepted….even with a spoiled milk smelling one year old. 
I dragged my friend Kimberly along with me to try out this free class (there is a membership usually, but since they were celebrating 10 years, this class was completely free). So in all there were three kids in strollers and we had a blast! 
After warming up we pushed the kids to the next stop. We were able to either power walk or jog. Once we stopped we all got in another circle and did leg exercises. We also had the option to either run up the big hill at Mt. Trashmore or do jumping jacks in place by our strollers. At our second stop we had the same option, and I got a little more into it and ran the hill. My legs will be burning in the morning! When we did squats our instructor had us sing the ABC’s to help keep the kids engaged. We did a total of 6-7 stops with walking or running in between. At each stop were arm and leg exercises that really got our heart rate up and worked the muscles. I didn’t realize how out of shape I was until I did this today. I LOVED the workout! Towards the end Maggie started to get a little restless, but for the majority of the hour long class all the kids were pretty good. There is so much to look at since we were at the park, plus all the other children to look at that she was pretty distracted. Once we got back to where we started we did an Ab workout and then a cool down. Since they were celebrating 10 years they gave everyone goody bags and raffle tickets and at the end they raffled off LOTS of prizes. Kimberly and I didn’t win anything, but we still really enjoyed the class. 
Of course afterwards we had to let the kids enjoy the park for a little while:
My schedule is hectic right now, but when I have an opening I am definitely going to try to join Stroller Strides. It is a great workout and a great way to meet other moms in the area. 


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