How to know if your child is sick

Somebody recently told me about the WebMD website…..all I can say is, “Where have you been all my life?!” It has everything you need to know about health, illness, how to eat right, how to get in shape- you name it, they’ve got it! It even tells you what your illness may be based on your symptoms. Just click where it says “symptoms” under the search box on the top of the page and you can actually type in the symptoms you are having and it will tell you what you may have. You can also click on the “Health A-Z” tab and type in what you want to know about any specific illness. It is so cool!

So the other day my daughter looked like this all day:

And I couldn’t figure out what her problem was. Finally I thought, “Well, maybe she has an ear infection….” but I had no idea what the symptoms of an ear infection were. And I didn’t want to call the doctor because they already think I am a crazy, over-protective mom that calls every time my kid sneezes to make sure she doesn’t have yellow fever…so I wasn’t sure what to do. 
That’s when my friend told me about and it changed my life! I love how user friendly it is and now I don’t have to feel like I have to call the doctor for every little thing. Plus it gives you tips on how to treat your illness without having to run out and get a prescription. Love it! 
I highly recommend trying it out if you ever have questions about your health. It’s a hidden treasure! 
Here’s to our health! 


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