Park Fun!

Right now is the perfect time to play outside! The weather is B.E.A.U.tiful! I know we love the park. Maggie loves climbing, swinging, and sliding! So grab a hat and some sunscreen and head outdoors while you still can!

Here are some fun parks that we have visited:

Mount Trashmore (310 Edwin Dr. in Virginia Beach)
It has a big mountain that you can walk up and fly kites at the top with a beautiful view of the city of Virginia Beach and a pretty lake. It also has a walking trail and 2 playgrounds for the kids. It has a skate park and picnic areas to have lunch.

City View Park (2073 Kempsville Rd in Virginia Beach)
This is right on the border of Chesapeake and Virginia Beach. My church has done picnics here and it is a great park! There is a picnic area right next to the playground. There are also basketball courts and a walking trail.

Oak Grove Park (409 Bryon Street in Chesapeake)
We LOVE this park. By far our favorite, mainly because it is closest to our house. We love walking the 1.5 mile trail around the lake (especially in the Fall) and there are lots of spots where you can stop and take in the view. There is also a picnic area and a playground for the kids.

Little Island Park (3820 S. Sandpiper Rd. in Virginia Beach)
This is on the beach at Sandbridge. You have to drive a little ways to get there but it is worth it! This park has a rock climbing wall and a great jungle gym for the kids.

Fun Forest (900 Greenbrier Pkwy. in Chesapeake
At the main Chesapeake City Park is a really fun playground for the kids called “Fun Forest.” They just redid this whole playground and put in a great skate park. The thing I love about this park is that it is completely shaded!

Check out this link to get a list of all of the Chesapeake parks.

Check out this link to get a list of all of the Virginia Beach parks.


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