Fun, Festive, Crafty Classes at Michaels

I LOVE Michaels. I always joke with my husband that I need Bill Gates’ credit card when I go in there because I could just go crazy! If you have never gone to one of their crafty classes, here is your chance! Here is a list of their October classes:

Great Pumpkin Event at Michaels – Oct. 5th
With the purchase of a $5 purchase of a 9″ pumpkin, your family can get into the Halloween spirit at Michaels from 1-3PM. You will be able to decorate your pumpkin however you choose- everything (besides the pumpkin) is supplied for you.

Martha Stewart Crafts Show IN Tell at Michaels – Oct. 6th
Head over toMichaels on Sunday to make charms for a necklace or bracelet from 1-3 PM.

Wilton Spooky Cupcake Treats Show IN Tell – Oct. 12
My best friend, Abby, took a cake decorating class at Michaels and I am not kidding you- she makes AMAZING cakes!! Amazing!! From 10 AM – noon is your chance to get some tips on how to turn a simple treat into a festive Halloween surprise!

Bungee Bracelet Show IN Tell- Oct. 12
I have seen the bungee cord bracelets everywhere! This is the new craze! If you want to get on the bandwagon, go to Michaels from 1-3 PM for tips on how to make these cool bungee bracelets.

CYS HotFix Show IN Tell- Oct. 13th
Use Hot Fix and crystals to personalize Halloween projects from 1-3 PM.

Color Connect Earrings and Bead Landing Punch Show IN Tell- Oct. 19th
Learn how to make earrings, charms, and other jewelry from 1-3 PM.

Bead Gallery with Memory Wire Show IN Tell- Oct. 20th
Learn how to make a memory wire bracelet with different beads from 1-3 PM.

Martha Stewart Crafts Rhinestones Show IN Tell- Oct. 26th
Learn how to make a charm using rhinestones from 1-3PM.

Bead Gallery with Stretch Magic Show IN Tell- Oct. 27th
Create and personalize a bracelet using Bead Gallery beads and stretch magic from 1-3PM.

For more information about these classes and how to sign up, click here.

Have fun!


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