Bark in the Park

Today we attended the “Bark in the Park” event at the Chesapeake City Park in Greenbrier. It was so much fun!! We walked in and there were dogs EVERYWHERE! Big dogs, small dogs, giant dogs, tiny dogs….dogs, dogs, dogs! The Chesapeake Humane Society hosted this awesome event! 

 There were vendors set up all up and down the sidewalk. Vendors that sell doggie items, doggie treats, leashes, even someone who did caricatures of dogs. Anything dog related you can find at “Bark in the Park.”

 Here is another shot of all the vendors….and a cute doggie enjoying the shopping! 
 They even had corn hole that was dog themed! 

 Maggie all decked out ready for a fun day! 

It was soooooo hot!! The weather was beautiful last week and all of a sudden summer came back to visit and it was like 92 degrees. This poor dog was taking a load off in the shade while his owner signed him up with “Ident-A-Dog.” The Chesapeake Sheriff’s department was out giving tags to dogs AND kids in case of an emergency. We signed Tucker up and Maggie! They took their picture and took Maggie’s fingerprints right there. It was really neat. Then they gave us all the paper work so if anything happens we have all of their info right on hand. It’s a cool program! 

These are the tags they gave Tucker and they gave us a FREE leash!

While we waited to get Tucker’s tags we guessed how many kibbles were in the jar. I haven’t heard anything, so I guess we didn’t win. Oh-well! What a cute idea though. 
We stopped at a booth and saw this adorable dog hanging out with his mom! How hilarious is this little pouch? That dog looked as comfortable as can be! The vendor was called “Hazel’s Handywork” and the sold these cool “dog-on bags.” Check out their website-

We stopped at a little water hose station so Maggie and Tucker could cool off. The hoses were really cool! And they sprayed just a mist so you didn’t get soaked. 

As you can see, Maggie really liked the water pit stop. 

And we had a little visitor at the water hose stop. This tortoise was there with his owner. He was friendly and getting lots of attention just walking along. Very cute! 

This is my wonderful family getting ready to leave. We had a blast at “Bark in the Park” and will be back next year!

When we got home everyone crashed and took naps. And Tucker laid on the tile the rest of the afternoon cooling off from our warm, fun adventure! 

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