Five Years Ago.

I can’t believe today is my 5 year anniversary. Literally, it feels like a couple months ago. Time flies. This has been a magnificent 5 years- with some ups and some downs, but we have made it through! Today I want to reflect on our wonderful wedding day and the people that made it so perfect for us!

So here is a walk through of one of the best days of my life…in pictures:)

 We got married on the very beautiful island…Boca Grande. I prayed for good weather for months and was sooooo worried it was going to rain. But as always, God heard my prayers and we had the most beautiful weather! It was in the 70’s with not a cloud in the sky. 

This is William and I in one of my favorite pictures of us. Isn’t he so handsome?

Another shot of the bride and groom!
There aren’t enough ways in the world that I can explain how grateful I am to my family for all of the support, ideas, help, planning, and so on that was put into our wedding. We are so thankful to have such an amazing support system in my family! 

William’s family came so far to see our big day and supported us in so many ways as well- starting with the awesome rehearsal dinner that they put on (with a lot of added out-of-town guests!). We are so grateful that they were there with us! Love them!  

Wasn’t William’s mom so pretty?! A big thanks to her for coming to Chesapeake a few times to help us plan our big day and for helping with the rehearsal dinner that was so wonderful. And for the surprise gifts sent to us on our honeymoon! 
These were our absolutely adorable ring bearers and flower girl! I can’t believe how much they have all grown since then. Trey and Isaiah came so far with their parents- whom I can’t leave out! Rob officiated our wedding and came all the way from Virginia to do it. We are so grateful for him and Kimberly and all of the pre-marital counseling. They are such a blessing to us!  

My beautiful bridesmaids!  

My bridesmaids are awesome! I couldn’t have gone through the day without each of them there with me. Courtney, Katie, Laurie, Christina, Trish, and Jordan were all there to laugh, cry, help me put my dress on, and walk down the isle ahead of me- they are each so special to me and I am so glad they were a part of my day! Thank you to my best friends! 
My dad and I walking up the isle. Before we started walking I was tearing up a bit and my dad said, “You’re crying?” And I was like, “Yeah…you aren’t?” And then later during our father/daughter dance I was crying again and he commented on it and I said, “You should be crying too.” Without hesitation he said, “I will cry when I get the bill.” Haha. My dad is too funny! 
My Aunt Sharon and Uncle Lee sang a beautiful song during our ceremony called “Household of Faith.” They did such a terrific job and every time I hear it on the radio I always think they did a better job than the original singers! I am so glad they both sang at our wedding- it was so special to us! 
 While we got pictures done, our guests hung out at the tent and had hors d’oeuvres (I think that’s how you spell it!) Here are a few shots of the reception area all decorated. Jean Renno did all my decorations and did a magnificent job. It was absolutely gorgeous thanks to her! 
 These were our favors- greeting cards with a little fall decoration attached to them. And then the vellum attached to them had their table number on it. 

My Aunt Betty made this BEAUTIFUL cake! I can’t believe how talented she is. The ribbon and flowers added such a nice touch. And the cake was delicious! I did have a funny moment during the reception when we were cutting the cake and getting pictures. The bottom layer was cardboard (just fake with icing covering it) so that we could have sheet cakes in the back to get it out to our guests quicker. But of course, I totally forgot. So when we went to cut the cake, I cut the fake layer and made a mess! Haha, at least I have a funny memory out of it. I am so thankful to my Aunt Betty for this beautiful cake!  

These were our programs. They were fans because our ceremony was outside, so in case it was hot, people could fan themselves.
After our beautiful ceremony we took pictures and then headed to the reception. It was in a beautiful tent outside and the weather, again, was just gorgeous. Before we all ate, Will’s dad gave a toast to us.

 Then my cousin Katie Linn gave a humorous toast! I am so thankful she “helped William and I get together” as she said in her toast. I love her! I also need to comment on that gorgeous sunset in the background. I just loved our venue so much! 

Then my best friend Courtney gave a toast! 
 After we ate (and our food was pretty awesome as well I may add) we opened the floor for our first dance. Then the father/daughter dance, and finally mother/son dance. As you can tell, William and his mom are having a great time dancing together! 

Once the floor was opened for dancing- dancing is what we did! We had SO MUCH fun dancing the night away. This was one of my favorite songs. It was the Ohio State Buckeyes theme song and everyone was out there doing the big O-H-I-O. Our D.J. was awesome! We had such a great time! 

Here we all are…partying like it’s 1999! 
Here we are with my brother and cousins. I love this shot!! 

This was the dance where you have to leave the dance floor if you have been married one year….five years…..ten years..and so on. And then whomever is left is the winner. Uncle Paul and Aunt Peg were the winners, but my grandparents weren’t far behind. I am so glad we got a picture with them. We miss my grandma and my Uncle Paul very much and are so glad they were able to be a part of that day. 
 We are so thankful to our friends that made the trip from Orlando to come and see us get married! 

 And to our cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and family that made a long trip from out of state to come see us get married. I cannot express how wonderful it was to have all of you there to support us! 
Here are more of my family that came from so far to be with us on our special day! And my Aunt Gail came early to help with all of the final details, set up, etc. She was a big, big help to us and we are so grateful she was there! 

This is me hugging my mom’s best friend, Melody. I seriously love her! She helped set up the reception and did such a lovely job….and she is such a lovely person as well. I love her to pieces! 
And I am just going to be real with you….my wedding wouldn’t have happened without these two! Char and Pauline were our wedding planners and they did SO, SO, SO, SO much to help make our day unbelievably perfect. The show would not have gone on without them and I am beyond words when it comes to gratefulness for their help and support. They were wonderful!! 
Our wedding was such a wonderful, perfect day! We are so happy together and have enjoyed this ride we call “marriage.” What a wonderful way to start it off! We had such a blast at our wedding and wouldn’t have changed a thing about it. Thanks to everyone who was a part of our special day! 

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