Company Picnic’s can be SO much Fun!

The company William works for threw a company picnic this past weekend and we had so much fun! The employees and their families were invited and they did a barbecue with tons of food! They also did a scavenger hunt and gave each family a pumpkin and had “pumpkin painting.” They had tug-of-war, horseshoes, and corn hole. And we were right next to a playground so the kids could play and they had a bounce house! There was so much to do! Maggie had so much fun playing with the big kids on the playground and in the bounce house! Plus, it was so nice meeting William’s colleagues and boss and their families and learning more about what my husband does every day:) Here are a few pictures of our fun-filled day:

Maggie wearing daddy’s hat! 
 Picking out a pumpkin! 

I think Maggie wants this one!

Maggie loved the bounce house! There was a sweet little girl that went in with Maggie and protected her from being jumped on by the bigger kids. 

Maggie had fun on the slide. She did have a bit of an accident where she fell down the slide instead of sliding down the slide and bumped her little face. But besides that, she had fun at the park! And we met other kids there too! 

Playing at the playground!
 This is how Maggie plays corn hole! Cheater! 

The painted pumpkins! 
This is William’s team and their families. What a sweet group of people he gets to work with! Overall, we had a lot of fun! So glad we got to do this! 

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