Portsmouth Downtown Pumpkin Lighting

I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to share what an awesome time we had downtown last Saturday night for the Great Pumpkin Lighting and safe Trick-or-Treat. We went with some friends around 6ish and parked near the Children’s Museum. There were so many fun things going on that were family friendly!

 Maggie in her pumpkin outfit. 
 Our friend’s daughter dressed up like Piglet! 
 There were so many people everywhere! I couldn’t believe it. We had to wait in line for candy- it was packed! But there were lots of fun things going on. There was music and dancing and a lot of the shops on High Street were handing out candy. 
 These two guys look like statues- but they are real people! They stood completely still just looking like statues and everyone was taking pictures. It was pretty cool! 

Another shot of the “statue.”

Maggie couldn’t see the people dancing in the street so Will put her up on his shoulders. She loves when he lets her sit on his shoulders like that. 


 And I saved the best part for last! The Portsmouth Art and Cultural Center had over 200 pumpkins submitted for the Great pumpkin lighting. They lined the steps and the sidewalk and all of them were lit. It looked so neat! 
We had such a great time hanging out with our friends and enjoying one of Portsmouth’s fun Halloween Traditions. I definitely think we will do it again next year!
Have a great day!

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