Teething…all we were told it was and more.

The past few weeks Maggie has not been her normal, pleasant self. She has been:



Whiny….oh, so whiny…

Painful to eat so she cries all the way through meals…

Easily offended…
In a bad mood all the time…

Yeah, that has been our life for the past week and a half. Teething is now a bad word in our house. A very, very bad word. I feel so bad for her. I can’t imagine the kind of pain she must be in. I mean, teeth are pushing through her tender little gums. uggghhhh! It gives me the heebie geebies just thinking about it.

So, your child is teething. Now what?

This is what William and I have been asking ourselves. We feel bad getting annoyed with her constant whining, but oh my word- just stop the whining! So here are some ways we have gotten through thus far:

1. Children’s Tylenol (consult with your doctor first of course).
2. Teething Rings! We throw her’s in the freezer and every time we pull it out she goes crazy. She loves the thing!
3. Ice chips. Williams likes giving Maggie ice chips- this numbs that painful area plus she really loves chewing them so that is a bonus!
4. Lots of snuggles.
5. Don’t give your child food that may cause sensitivity to his or her mouth such as sharp chips that may poke the gums or really hot food.

Teething is not very fun, but trust me- you AND your toddler will get through this! Just make sure to have patience and lots of love for your child during this painful time!

Good luck!


2 thoughts on “Teething…all we were told it was and more.

  1. Maggie's first few weren't too bad, this second time around has been worse. She is sooo fussy. But she loves those teethers. And it is starting to get better now. How is Jonas doing with teething?

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