She’s ALL girl.

William and I didn’t find out if we were having a boy or a girl when I was pregnant. I was all about being surprised, I thought it would help get me through labor and it did. But those last few weeks I was like, “I just want to know what we are having!” And, for the first 8 months of my pregnancy I definitely thought it was a boy. I mean, I thought “boy, oh boy, I am having a boy!”

I am a nanny to three boys so I know what to do with boys. I also lived with my friends when I first moved to Virginia and they had three boys…so I knew how to take care of boys! I had never really been around baby girls and I was nervous to have a girl, so I had pretty much made up my mind that we were having a boy because that’s what I knew and it would all be fine and dandy.

Sometime in that last month I started to think about how there are pros to having a boy AND a girl. If I had a girl, I could dress her really cute (they have such cute girl clothes out there) and play tea parties and Barbies. And a little part of me decided, “Okay, I think it’s okay to have a girl.”

Then the day came when we were in labor and I’m pushing, and out comes the baby and William said, “……………” yeah, he said nothing because he was so in the moment and totally stunned that we just had a baby, so it was dead silence. I had to say,

“WHAT IS IT?!?!”

“…It’s a GIRL!” 

A girl. We had a girl! And a super cute one, at that.

And as she is growing we are experiencing all the joys and difficulties that come with a girl, and we are loving every minute of it!

She loves jewelry. She loves stuffed animals. She loves music. She loves dancing. She loves whining…yep, she’s all girl. haha.

I love playing dolls with our sweet girl. I love playing kitchen and dressing her in giant bows that she hates. I love it when she walks around the house wearing every scarf I own and getting a kick out of it when we laugh at her. I love how she dances when music comes on. I even love how she is bossy- already- and yells at the dog when he is doing something bad. There are so many added bonuses to having a girl that I didn’t even realize! Plus, no mud pies, no insects being brought in the house, no meltdowns over a lost Tonka truck.

But there are challenges with every child, of course. So instead of the “dirty” challenges, we have whining…a lot of whining. We have meltdowns when “mommy won’t let me wear jewelry to bed because she’s afraid I will hang myself.” We have particularity over clothing ALREADY! We have anger when I try to put her tiny curls into a ponytail….yeah, she is ALREADY having meltdowns about the way I fix her hair (that brings back memories to my childhood).

There are challenges with every child, boy or girl. But regardless, as parents, we love our kids for who they are and we wouldn’t change a thing…even their gender!

One day, we will probably have a boy, and we are so excited for that day! But until then, we are ALL Girl in this household and wouldn’t change it for the world!


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