Amazing Butterflies at the Virginia Aquarium!

We finally made it over to the aquarium with some wonderful friends and had such a great time visiting all of the sea creatures! If you have not yet checked out the Virginia Aquarium in Virginia Beach, you have to get over there and check it out!

One of the things we got to see was their “Amazing Butterflies” display. Here is a walk through this fun maze that teaches kids the steps of a caterpillar/butterfly’s life…

 The maze begins. 

 Trying to move like a caterpillar isn’t as easy as it looks!
 Maggie wants to try too:)

 Fun games!
 Climbing the leaves!

 In the cocoon. 

 Yucky spiders! 

 Flying like a butterfly!
After we left the butterfly maze we headed out to see some more fun animals like these sea turtles: 

Time to go, saying goodbye to her good friend! 
We had such a fun time at the aquarium! I highly suggest checking it out.

Admission prices are: 
Adults: $22
Children (3-11): $15
Seniors (62 and up): $20
Members (Adults): FREE
Members (Adults): FREE

Click here to purchase tickets. 

The aquarium is open daily from 9AM – 5PM.


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