Christmas in Chesapeake!

We almost always travel for Christmas, but this year we stayed put. William’s dad came to visit and we had Christmas at home in Chesapeake. It was a lovely day! As always, I will give you a peek into our day through pictures:)

We also Skyped with my parents and brother so they could watch Maggie open her gifts! 
Maggie got a pop up barber shop! She is obsessed. She wanted to open all her gifts inside of the tent. 

This is Maggie in her tent! 

Opening up another gift! 
She got a “Boo-Boo” bunny because she ate the inside of the last one she had! First time (and hopefully last time) I had to call poison control! 

Will and I got a “Fit Bit” to keep track of our fitness! We are so excited!

Maggie opening her gifts inside her tent! 

Oh, this is my favorite part! (Sarcasm). Maggie thought EVERY gift was for her. This was her reaction when William got a brand new razor and wouldn’t let her have it. 

And this is her very angry expression when we told her this was NOT her present. 

And this is mommy telling Maggie, “You have to share!” 

And this is Maggie having a complete meltdown. Merry Christmas Mommy & Daddy!

Okay, now she is better because she has a new present! 
Maggie opening her gift from Aunt Sharon in her tent. 

 Oh my word! She got a Cinderella Princess dress! Yeah, this was pretty much the best gift ever! She cried when we made her take it off for nap time. She’s a “princess” girl! 

But wait! There’s more! She also got Cinderella Accessories for her dress!!!

Maggie and her crown.  

Maggie and her shawl. 

Maggie and her earrings. 

Maggie and her rings. 

Maggie and her the whole ensemble. 

Oh wait, there’s a necklace too!

And the princess plays with some of her awesome presents.

We had such a wonderful Christmas! All of us got such wonderful gifts! It was so much fun spending time with our friends in the afternoon eating and laughing together. Having Will’s dad here has been so nice too. We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas as well.

Merry Christmas! 

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