Fun things to do INSIDE on cold winter days!

It’s supposed to be ….. FREEZING tomorrow…almost literally. This Florida girl can’t take the cold weather. I mean, in Florida it’s always 80 degrees. So when I saw the forecast was supposed to be 22 degrees I about threw up. No joke.

Obviously this isn’t going to be a day to go to the zoo (although I highly recommend the zoo when it gets warmer!). 

So here are some fun suggestions of things to do INSIDE with your kids:

1. The obvious- curl up on the couch with a blanket and watch Anne of Green Gables. 

2. Bake cookies! It’s always a good time to have yummy cookies. Let the kids mix the batch and decorate the cookies. Maybe even do a theme like “winter.”

3. Do an indoor scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. 

4. Build an indoor snowman out of poster board and then hang it somewhere and play “pin the carrot nose on the Snowman.”

5. Have a Dr. Seuss day. Read Dr. Seuss books, serve “green eggs and ham” for breakfast, and watch Dr. Seuss movies. 

6. Have an art show. Have your kids color and paint drawings of their very own. Then once they have dried hang them around a room and walk around and say nice things about everyone’s drawing. 

7. Have a tea party. Warm tea will be yummy on a cold day.

8. Move the furniture out of the way and have a dance party. Practice tumbling and ballet!

9. Make puppets and do a puppet show. All you need for the puppets are small brown paper bags or socks. 

10. Play with playdoe. 

I hope these tips help you not to go stir-crazy in your house. Stay warm!! 


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