The Ups and Downs of a family on a budget

Last spring our very wonderful friends introduced us to the “Total Money Makeover” by Dave Ramsey. I knew we needed to get on a budget because we were not keeping track of how we were spending our money and I was seriously worried. So I said a quick prayer that my husband would be open to doing something like this and within a week he was 100% on board!

So we started the journey of becoming debt free and getting our finances in order. 

The first thing we did was we downloaded an app called “Goodbudget” which makes envelopes for you and helps you keep track of your spending. I HIGHLY recommend it because it helps you budget where your money is going each month! William and I are both able to sync it together. For example, whenever I stop and get gas, I enter how much I spent in the “gas envelope” and it automatically syncs to William’s phone.

So if you are a little apprehensive about carrying around wads of cash, this is a great app for you and your family.

We are currently 7 months into the Dave Ramsey “Total Money Makeover” plan. And we have our really great days, and our not-so-great days.

Because we have a lot of debt to pay off, we have had to cut back on fun things. There have been a lot of changes at my house….

Bye-Bye vacations.

So long eating out on Sundays after church.

Hello Goodwill. Hello coupons. Hello rice and beans.

We have had to say “no” to people when they ask us to go out to eat with them. We have had to say “no” to the super duper sales at stores because we really don’t need it that bad. And worst of all….we have had to say “no” to family when they ask us to come visit.

That last one is the killer for me. I have cried many a tear when I have had to say “no” to traveling to see family. The majority of our families live out-of-state and it’s really hard on holidays and big events to be stuck at home because you are on a budget.

It downright stinks. It even makes me want to quit sometimes. 

However, there is a light at the end of our tunnel and that is what keeps us going.

There is going to come a day when we are DEBT FREE!! There is going to come a day when we call Dave Ramsey himself and do our “debt free scream” because we finally made it to the finish line. And once we are debt free, then we can start living a different lifestyle.

A lifestyle where we aren’t paycheck to paycheck.

A lifestyle where we aren’t in tears because we can’t go visit family.

A lifestyle where we can buy things JUST BECAUSE WE CAN!

A lifestyle where we can give to those who are in need….I can’t wait to be able to give more!

I am 30 years old and I am excited about getting our money in order so that one day we can retire. One day we can splurge on eating out. One day we can afford for our children to go to college. One day we can go on that Disney Cruise I have been DYING to go on. 

One day….

One day…….

I am writing this to encourage you. If you are where we are, you need encouragement sometimes to keep up the good work. 

But as Dave Ramsey says, “Live like no else now so that you can live like no one else later.” 

We want to live like no one else later and we are excited about it. We are already dreaming about our next house that will be much bigger and have more than one full bath! We are dreaming about lots of things that we can do when we are more financially stable, and I think it helps us keep going in the right direction. It’s okay to dream because if you stick to it, one day your financial dreams will come true! 

If you are trying to get your finances in order and you hit a rough patch where you just want to throw it all out the window and spend your money how you want ….. don’t quit, my friend. Years from now, trust me, you will be happy you went through this hard time! It’s worth it- no pun intended!

For more information about Dave Ramsey and his “Total Money Makeover,” click here


One thought on “The Ups and Downs of a family on a budget

  1. WooHoo Ali! We're living like no one else so we can LIVE like no one else too 🙂 Keep pushing through this rough patch! -Heidi

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