Act Out: Countdown to V-Day with acts of service

Today at church the sermon really hit me….convicted me really. The topic was service. 

Matthew 20:28 says, “The Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” 

So often I find myself thinking selfishly. 

How does this benefit me?

What about me?

But that’s not what I want to do! 

I don’t have time in my schedule to do that. 

It’s human nature to think selfishly, so that is why it is a constant battle for me to put my own thoughts, desires, and needs to the side and to think of others first. 

While listening to the sermon I started thinking about ways that I can be more of a servant in my thinking and in my actions and I came up with a plan….a challenge really. And I would love it if you would get on board with me:

I have named this challenge:

Act Out is a 26-Day Challenge that counts down from Monday, January 20th until V-Day (Valentines Day). 

Every day from January 20th until V-Day I am challenging myself to do an act of service for someone else. Would you like to take this challenge with me?

It doesn’t have to be a huge thing like flying to Africa to feed hungry children….although that would be so wonderful! But it could be something simple like driving a friend to a doctor’s appointment, writing an encouraging letter to a soldier overseas, holding an umbrella for someone, babysitting for a friend and not charging them, getting involved in a service team at church, and the list goes on and on. 

This is not going to be easy. But it’s something I feel like I need to get better about. It’s something I think a lot of us need to get better about.  

The other day I was pumping gas at the gas station and this little, old couple pulled up at the pump near me. I watched them struggle to pump their gas and I thought, 

“I should go over and offer to help.” 

But then I thought, “But they will think I am weird…I can’t go over there.” 

But then I thought, “I really need to just do it. It’s the right thing to do.” 

I probably looked like that creepy little creature in “Lord of the Rings” that has full blown conversations with himself, and by the time I had completely talked myself out of it, they were done and gone anyways. 

Why did I do that? Why did I talk myself out of doing something nice for someone else?

Another point my pastor brought up today is that women are most hesitant to get involved in acts of service or serving in the church because of insecurity. I definitely felt that at the gas station. I was so worried about what these people would think about me that I let the opportunity completely pass me by. 

So when I say that this challenge isn’t going to be easy…I mean it. Especially if you struggle with insecurity like I do. 

But it’s necessary. 

This challenge isn’t asking you to change the world…but simply take a small step in the right direction.

Like I said, I am really bad about being a servant. Even while I am writing this post I got a text from a friend asking me to do something and I started grumbling because I totally didn’t want to. Wow, I seriously need to work on this. 

Another point my pastor brought out in his sermon was, “It’s not about how you start, but how you finish.” 

I may be really bad about it, but I am working to make it better. I am accepting the fact that I need to work on it. 

I am taking the Act Out Challenge. Are you in too?

If you decide to take this challenge, please let me know so I can cheer you on! And let me know the ways that you are serving others. This is a team effort! Let’s share the ideas!! 

And remember, we will be blessed for serving. 

Can’t wait to hear how this goes for you! Let the countdown to V-Day begin! 


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