"Snow" Much Fun!

We LOVE the snow!!! We had such a great snow day! I worked from home today, but we still had a lot of fun. Here was Maggie’s snow day in pictures:

Check out all the snow!! Love waking up to this! 

Maggie looking out the window to see all the snow! 

Trying to walk in mommy’s boots. She fell a lot:) Also note, there are like 14 Disney stickers on her because that is what happens when mommy gives an 18 month old a sheet of stickers. 

Even though it’s freezing outside, it’s warm inside- especially with mommy’s scarf collection on. 

Drawing Mimi and Pop Pop a picture. 

Bundle up! These crazy parents are taking a baby out in the snow…she looks thrilled, right? Oh, and her mittens were mine when I was little. Cuteness:)

“What the heck is all this white stuff?!” 

“I really don’t know about this…it’s cold and wet and slippery.”

“Yeah, not digging it. Get me out of this stuff!!” 

So what do you do with an 18-month old when it’s too cold to play in the snow? Bring the snow indoors! We brought in a few buckets of snow and tossed it in the bathtub, bundled her up, and brought out the beach toys! She had so much fun! 

Playing with snow!! 

Beach toys work in the sand AND in the snow! 

Snow much fun!! 

We had to drag her out. She had so much fun. This was a much better solution than playing out in the snow in the cold weather. What a blast! 
Yay for snow days!! We had so much fun:)


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