Project "Quote Book"

Maggie is getting to the age where she is testing her vocals. She is starting to repeat words and say cute things that don’t make sense and some things that do make sense. The other day she had an entire conversation with me….only it sounded like it was in Chinese. 

It’s adorable!! Seriously.

She says words like, 


Woof, Woof

All None = All Done. 

I-aunt-nana = I want a banana. 


It made me start thinking that I need to write these things down because I definitely don’t want to forget how cute she sounds! So I made a Quote Book to keep track of her new words. 

So here is what I came up with:

Here is what I did:

1. I got a bunch of scrapbook paper that I liked together. I stuck with light colors that would be easy to write on. 

2. I cut all of the paper to the same size. My book is 4.5 ” x 6″ but you can make it any size you would like. 

3. I hole punched two holes at equal distance apart on each page so that way I could put ribbon through later to tie the book together. 

4. I decorated! My favorite part! I added little quote bubbles, pictures, lines to write on, etc. Wherever my creative heart took me- I did it:) 

Here are some example pages:

5. I put the whole book together and lined up the holes. Then I took ribbon and weaved it through the holes and tied a little bow. 

6. I wrote! I wrote all of the cute things that Maggie says. Make sure to add dates too! You may want to remember when these things were said.

And Ta-Da:

Let me know what you think!


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