Snow Day Activities for your Cabin Fever Kiddos!

I love snow days! I love, love, love them. I think part of it is because I am a home-body, and the thought of being stranded in my warm house with hot chocolate and a beautiful view of white loveliness outside makes me all warm and fuzzy. 

However, the kids don’t always feel the same way. 

After about 2 hours….oh, who are we kidding….after about a half hour of being awake they start climbing the walls with energy that they need to get out of their system and there is no where to go. 

It kind of makes you want to go back to work, right? 

So, here are a few ideas of some fun things you can do with the kids on a Snow Day:

1. The obvious- bundle them up and send them off to build a snowman! 
Oh, and post your snow pictures on Wavy 10 new’s Facebook page and they may just post them on their website or even on TV! 

Click here to post your pictures on Wavy 10’s Facebook Page. 

2. Make a Marshmallow Snowman
Bring out construction paper, glue, markers, and mini marshmallows and have the kids make a marshmallow snowman! 

3. Bring the snow inside
Our 18 month old did not like going out in the snow. So we brought the snow inside. We put a bunch of snow on one side of the bathtub and put a towel down on the other side. Then we bundled Maggie up and let her play! She loved it! Oh, and beach toys work great for snow play! 

4. Food Coloring in the Snow
Add water and a couple drops of food coloring to water bottles and paint in the snow! Or bring some snow in and put it in a bowl and use food coloring on it or water paints. 

5. Read! 
Definitely do a reading time. And if you have young children, a great book for a snow day is “The Snowy Day” by Ezra Jack Keats. I used to read this book to the little boy I babysit all the time. It was one of his favorites. I highly recommend it. 

Then after they read, have them draw a picture about their favorite part of the story. 

6. Shaving Cream Snowman
Clear away a spot on a table or place mat and spray some shaving cream (or put it in a Ziploc bag so that shaving cream doesn’t get everywhere). The kids can use sensory to make snowmen and snowflakes just by using their finger to draw. 

7. Make Snow Ice Cream
Click here to get a great recipe for snow ice cream. 

8. Bake, Bake, Bake. 
Grab your apron and bake something yummy. Let the kiddos help by mixing, pouring, decorating, etc. 

Also, don’t forget to make cocoa and if you have a fireplace roast some marshmallows. That’s always fun on a cold day! 

9. Make Snowflakes
Grab a bunch of printer paper and let the kids make a winter wonderland inside by making and decorating their own snowflakes. 

10. Snowman Footprints
Paint your child’s foot white and put it on paper. Then once it dries let them use markers or paint to decorate their snowman. This idea is super cute and came from another cute blog. Click here to check it out. 

Hopefully this will help a little if the kids are going stir-crazy! Have fun! 


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