peace. love. swap. FUN!

Today I attended peace. love. swap. for the second time and had a TOTAL Blast!! My two friends came with me and we had fun visiting all of the vendors and of course taking home awesome things for our kiddos. 

The peace. love. swap. is an event where you bring children’s items like clothes, toys, books, anything kid related and “donate them.” When you turn in your donations you then register (or you can register ahead of time for a discounted price) and you get a sway bag, that looks like this: 

You are able to take this swag bag into the swap room and fill it with things you need for your children. That explains the “swap” of peace. love. swap. Not only can you fill your bag with free stuff, but you also can take one thing that you can carry out. It’s pretty cool! 

While we waited for the swap to begin there was a big room full of vendors that we were able to walk around and meet. 

There were some really great companies there with AWESOME products for families. Here are a few that I got to talk to:


I was so excited to see Scenty at this event! I have a Scentsy warmer but my light bulb blew out, so I needed a new one. Everything is really reasonable- the lightbulb is only $1!!! Wow! And they have really great smelling scents. And if you are looking for a Scentsy consultant to buy from, definitely talk to Grace Policarpio

NYR Organic

Kit from NYR Organic was a super nice person to talk to! She sells Organic Beauty products and I came home with a bunch of samples. So far, what I have tried out is great! I love the lotion! And of course, it’s all organic. Click here for more information.

Grace Adele 

This is Tonia Devine and she sells Grace Adele purses and bags. These are super cool! You can attach the clutch to the inside of the purse so it is all one, or take the clutch out and just use that. They have a TON of purses and bags to choose from. Here is a picture of another cool purse. How cute is that flower?! 

Grace Adele also sells jewelry and more! Very cool company. Get more information by clicking here! 


Anyone looking for an AVON consultant? Felicia Smith was great! And her daughter came up with the cutest idea of doing a “Kissing Booth” by trying a sample of their lipstick and kissing paper. Too cute! Get more information about Avon by clicking here

Paparazzi Accessories

Paparrazzi Accessories had a huge variety of fun jewelry! Very neat stuff. Get more information by clicking here.

Mommy’s Club

 I loved stopping by the Mommy’s Club booth. They have really neat products that I have actually tried out in the past and have loved! They have non-toxic products like shampoo, soap, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, and so much more! I have used the shampoo on my daughter before and really liked it! Definitely check them out and get more information on these products by clicking here. 


Debbie and Jeff were there with Herbalife. They are a newer company in Virginia Beach and they offer awesome smoothies, shakes, protein bars, and even FREE workouts! Wow! They are having an open house event next Saturday from 11AM – 2PM. Get more information here.  

Pink Zebra

The sign “Sprinkle Bar” caught my attention and brought me over to Pink Zebra. This was a really neat product I had never seen before. Soy candles that come in “sprinkles” containers. You can make your own candle or order one of their super cute warmers to add your sprinkles to. Very cute idea. Check out the cute “Sprinkles” containers:

You can choose from several scents. I have a sample of the Stone Washed Denim going right now and really like it! My whole house smells like fresh laundry…and I didn’t even do any laundry today:) Get more information by clicking here

Okay, here is another REALLY cool one:

Damsel in Defense

I met Brittany Biddle at the Damsel in Defense booth and was really blown away by what a unique product she was selling. They were selling all kinds of products such as stun guns, pepper spray, a really cool “step off” product that you put by your door and if someone breaks in and opens it an alarm sounds. Lots of really neat (and pretty) products that can come in handy in times of distress. Check them out by clicking here. 

And the last one I visited was….drumroll, please….

It Works

I had never heard of a wrap, but if you can see on this poster, it shrinks your stomach by pulling out the fat toxins. I couldn’t believe the results the people had in just days. It was really neat. And the best part (to me) was the “Greens” Drink Powder that they sold. My hubby never eats vegetables- I know, he’s totally weird. So I definitely need to get him on this Drink Powder. 

You just mix some of it with water or juice and it actually did taste quite good. I even think my hubby might drink it. That was really neat. Get more information about these cool wraps and powder drinks by clicking here

There were a lot of other vendors there as well, I didn’t get to talk to them all, but there were some great things being sold there!

Next came the time for me to “swap til I dropped.” 

I was in Group 1 so I got to go first and when I walked in, I was shocked at how much stuff there was!!! There was so much! 

Books and toys and games, oh my. 

Strollers and highchairs and bouncie seats. 


And more clothes. 

I mean seriously, have you ever seen so many toys?! 

Oh, and don’t forget about under the table. There was MORE stuff! Toys, stuffed animals, bikes, and more. Wow! So much to choose from. It was awesome! 

It was really cool! I went home with LOTS of cool things! Maggie’s favorite thing was a tea set I brought home for her. She is OBSESSED! We played tea party all day! So cute. I also got some really cute outfits, some books, games, and more. It was a really successful day! 

This is me and my friend afterwards with all of our great stuff:

I seriously love the peace. love. swap. event. It’s such a great way to get things you need for you kiddos while donating things you don’t need anymore to someone who does. Plus, you get to meet some great people and have fun as well. 

I have to say that Stephanie Councill does an AMAZING job heading this event up. 

She tweaks things if they need to be changed to benefit everyone so everyone has a fair chance to get what they need out of the swap. Her whole family is involved and is helping the entire day. It’s really great to see all of their hard work pay off with such an amazing event! I just love peace. love. swap. and hope that you come out next time!


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