Faith & Family Night with the Norfolk Admirals

Friday night was a great night to be at the Scope for the Norfolk Admirals Game. Not only did we get to enjoy an awesome night of hockey….and even a couple fights (which is my favorite part), but my church, Clearview Church, got the opportunity to host Faith & Family Night. 

Here is a “picture walk” through our fun night with the Admirals:

Here is a picture of me and my hubby during the game! This was only my second game and we had a great time! 
I LOVE the panoramic photo view on my phone. How cool is this picture of the view
 from my seat. 

These are the awesome people I got to sit by! I love my church family….and my family, family.

And more fun pictures of the rink and Hannah. 

The National Anthem. 

During the second period everyone from the stands that bought a “sponge” hockey puck was able to throw it out the ice. There were numbers on all of the pucks and whoever threw theirs closest to the center won a prize! 

But the best part was that the kids got to go out on the ice and pick up all the pucks. They had a blast! 
 Then during the second period our very own worship arts band, Thirty 3:3, performed 
“God Bless America.” It was awesome!!! This is them on the big screen! 

Of course the Norfolk Admirals won!!! The final score was 1-0. It was a great game! Then after the game we had an after party! It was so cool! Thirty 3:3 performed and some of the Norfolk Admirals players came too! It was so much fun! 

The sound guys! 

Watching the concert! 

Our awesome youth group watching the concert. 

So my pictures of the players are a bit blurry. But three of the Norfolk Admirals gave their testimonies at Faith & Family Night. It was really neat to hear these player’s stories. 
This is Matt Clark, #2, defenseman:

This is John Kurtz, #12, left wing: 

This is Chris Wagner, #21, center: 

There were other Norfolk Admirals that also came out and signed autographs. The other players were Brad Thiessen, #31, goalie, Steven Whitney, #18, forward, Maxime (Max) Sauve, #7, center. It was really awesome of these players to come out to Faith & Family night. They signed autographs and took pictures with the fans. Everyone was so excited to meet them in person! 

Oh, and I just love these girlies! They headed up the whole thing with Pastor Rob (The Norfolk Admirals Chaplin and the Pastor of Clearview Church). They all did an awesome job! Everyone had such a great time! Thanks to the Norfolk Admirals and everyone at Clearview Church for making Faith & Family Night such a wonderful night! 


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