It Works….for real, It really does!

A few weeks ago I met this really sweet girl, Jennifer, at an event and she shared “It Works” with me.

It Works is a company that sells vitamins,  drink powders, creams that fight varicose veins , and these really cool wraps that actually shrink you in size! It is amazing and it TOTALLY works!

So I got to try out one of these wraps and it was great! I put it on and left it on for 5 hours but it continued working for 3 days. You can go about your day while the wrap is on you, and you can put the wrap on whatever part of your body that you are trying to tone up. I put it on my stomach and this is what happened:


Yeah, that’s me. Crazy, right?!

Here is another person with their results:

Gabby-5UBA, green, TF B&A

That isn’t it. It Works also sells other products. 

They sell creams that help with different things. There is a Defining Gel. This products tightens and tones wherever you put it on your body. It also fights cellulite. There is also a cream called “Stretch Mark.” Can you guess what this helps with? All of us mommies need this one after having our sweet little ones. They are adorable, but the stretch marks are not! Check out the results on this person:

stretch marks after 6 weeks

There is also a cream called “Facial Applicator.” This one helps with lines around your eyes and on your face. It’s pretty cool. Check out the results on this person:

facial app 1hr

Not to mention, that is ONE HOUR LATER! Holy moly, right?!

And now, my personal favorite- the Greens.

My hubby and I bought this product. It’s called the “Greens” and it is a powder that you can add to water or juice and it helps give you vitamins like magnesium and potassium and helps a lot with energy and your immune system, among other things. Jennifer told me that since she has been using this product it has really helped with some medical issues she has had. She also said that she used to get sick all the time, and she has not been sick at all since she started taking the Greens- how cool is that?! Her friend’s son has been taking the Greens and it has helped clear up his warts. Check it out:

Grayson warts face

Check out how clear his face is!

All you have to do is add 2 scoops of the Greens to 8 oz. of water or juice (I personally like it in juice) and drink up!

So now that you know a little more about It Works, would you like to try it? Here is a really cool deal Jennifer is doing for all of my readers! If you want to try out this really great wrap, you can do it for the discounted price of $25. Just click this link. Click the contact me on this page and let Jennifer know you are coming over from Mom Explores Virginia Beach and she will give you the discounted price!

I am sharing this product with you because I thought you would like it. It’s something my husband and I have tried and really liked and seen some great results. If you decide to try it out, let me know what you think!



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