10 Minutes to a Nice and Neat Bookshelf

We have been reading to Maggie since she was a newborn and now that she is a toddler she loves books. She loves going over to her bookshelf and pulling books off and flipping through the pages. She loves rocking and reading before bedtime. She is quite the little reader and being an education major, I am just loving every minute of it. However, this can make for a very messy bookshelf.

Our bookshelf looks a lot like this:


Anyone else have a bookshelf that looks like this?

So here is a the tip:

Take ten minutes to clean it up! 

I had Maggie help me out! We took all the books off of the shelf and I had her hand me the books in order by size. I would point to the book I wanted to put on the shelf next and have her hand it to me. It is great to get your kiddos helping you even if they are young. I really try to praise her and make it so that she enjoys helping.

And in just ten minutes, you can have this:

photo 2 (9)

Have fun cleaning up!



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