10 Minutes to a more Organized Television Stand

This is really Part 2 of the DVD case organization. We have a DVD case, which we organized in Day 2, but we also have two cabinets under the television full of movies, DVDs, CDs, cords, and other stuff. I need to get that organized! So here is what I did:

First of all, when you open up the left cabinet, you DID find this…


These are all of our XBOX and XBOX Kinect games just piled in there. There were lose DVDs, games in the wrong cases. It was just chaotic! So I took all the games out and made sure I found the case for each DVD. Then behind these games I had a bunch of VHS movies that were home videos and movies I didn’t want to part with.

So I organized the VHS tapes like this:


I didn’t mind if the VHS tapes were in the back because we really don’t even use them. Then I organized the XBOX games in front of the VHS tapes to save space.

The final product looked like this:


My favorite little touch is the XBOX controller right next to the games. Just a little added organizational touch:)

The right cabinet is a little more complicated because it has a bunch of our wires, cords, weights for when we work out, and just odds and ends. I took everything out and went through it with my hubby (because he knows which cords and wires we need and I have no clue). Then we wrapped them up nicely and stacked them in there. Then we added the weights and the arm bands. It’s not quite as pretty as the other side, but at least it’s organized!

Here is the right cabinet:


How will you clean out your television stand?



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