Meet Ali

The 3 main things I love about my blog: 

1. I love talking about parenting, my fun child, being a mom, being a spouse, and being a Christian. I love giving advice, tips, and encouragement about all of these topics. I hope it uplifts my readers!

2. I love sharing family activities that worked for us, whether it’s a toddler craft or a fun outing. There are lots of things that we have done that have been total flops and then things we have done that have been awesome! I love sharing both of these with my readers!

3. There are some tips of fun things that we have attended and LOVED in the Hampton Roads area- so I am sharing with you what worked for us, so hopefully it will work for you!
The reason I started this blog:

1. I am a new mom and I am learning as I go. I really had no idea (and still don’t at times) what I was doing. I hope to bring good tips and advice to moms about family friendly fun, parenting, spouses….anything family. I also hope to give you great tips on fun things and fun events to check out in the Hampton Roads area.
Fun Facts about me: 

1. I am a Jesus lover! I am praying he shines through this blog!

2. I have dry eyes- contacts don’t work on me. So I am a glasses wearer.

3. I grew up in the sunny state of Florida!

4. I am a Pinterest-aholic. Seriously, I need to go to a PA meeting (Pinteresters Anonymous).

5. Social Media sucks up a lot of my time in the day- especially following my friends and family on Facebook.

6. I am a BIG Major League Baseball fan! My favorite team is the Cleveland Indians.

7. I can eat a whole watermelon by myself in a 2-day period- no joke!

8. I am a total guy when it comes to television. Just let me sit on my couch and channel surf after a long day and I am in heaven!

9. I cannot touch velvet or corduroy. It gives me the heebee-jeebies. Weird, right?

10. I am a sorority girl! I’m so happy that I am a ….. Kappa Kappa Gamma!
Meet the other people who are all over my blog posts:

My hubby and best friend is a wonderful husband, amazing dad, and a total computer nerd. He works for Hewlett Packard and loves, loves, loves his job. He is a huge supporter of me and my blog. I couldn’t do this thing we call life without him!

My daughter is one years old and already has quite the spunky personality. She is adorable, funny, and stylish as can be. Her middle name- Joy – completely explains what she has brought to our lives since the day she was born. We love her so much!


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