Pinterest Projects

I finally finished my window project and I am so excited to share the final product with you!


So this is how I did it:

1. Call a local window shop and see if they have any extra wood windows lying around. Mr. Roger’s Windows here in Chesapeake was WONDERFUL! They were super nice and set some aside for me to come pick up. 

2. Paint the windows white, but don’t do a super great job because we are going for the distressed look. 

3. Measure your window and then head over to Home Depot and get a small piece of wood cut to make a ledge. 

4. Paint the piece of wood white- again, don’t do too great of a job because we are going for the distressed look. You can also take sand paper to it to add the distressed look. 

5. Add hooks for your keys to the bottom of the wood. I got these small hooks at Home Depot when I got the wood. I used a nail to make a small hole in the wood and then used pliers to twist the hook into the wood. I put two hooks in it (one on each side) because William and I have two different sets of keys. 

6. Before you attached the ledge to the window, turn the window over and attach frame hooks to the back so that you can hang the finished product up on the wall. 

7. Paint one window pane with chalkboard paint. By the way, this is the first time I have ever used chalkboard paint and I am totally in love!

8. Add pictures to the other window panes. 

9. Now you can attach the wood ledge to your window. Use two “L” brackets to attach it. 

10. Now you can hang your finished product on the wall. I put ours right by the door so we could hang the keys on the hooks. 

I added some mason jars with pretend flower in them on the shelf. It adds a cute touch. 

I have a few more windows sitting in the shed, I am thinking about making a few more and selling them. I have never done anything like that before…thoughts?

Have fun making this fun Pinterest project!

Maggie is getting to the age where she is testing her vocals. She is starting to repeat words and say cute things that don’t make sense and some things that do make sense. The other day she had an entire conversation with me….only it sounded like it was in Chinese. 

It’s adorable!! Seriously.

She says words like, 


Woof, Woof

All None = All Done. 

I-aunt-nana = I want a banana. 


It made me start thinking that I need to write these things down because I definitely don’t want to forget how cute she sounds! So I made a Quote Book to keep track of her new words. 

So here is what I came up with:

Here is what I did:

1. I got a bunch of scrapbook paper that I liked together. I stuck with light colors that would be easy to write on. 

2. I cut all of the paper to the same size. My book is 4.5 ” x 6″ but you can make it any size you would like. 

3. I hole punched two holes at equal distance apart on each page so that way I could put ribbon through later to tie the book together. 

4. I decorated! My favorite part! I added little quote bubbles, pictures, lines to write on, etc. Wherever my creative heart took me- I did it:) 

Here are some example pages:

5. I put the whole book together and lined up the holes. Then I took ribbon and weaved it through the holes and tied a little bow. 

6. I wrote! I wrote all of the cute things that Maggie says. Make sure to add dates too! You may want to remember when these things were said.

And Ta-Da:

Let me know what you think!

I am always poking around garage sales looking for a steal….I mean deal, and a few weeks ago I found one! I got this little step covered in stickers and falling apart for $1. It was a nice step, but needed some serious TLC. Here are some steps I took to turning it into a wonderful piece for our bathroom (for when Maggie needs to step up to brush her teeth):

1. Here is the what I had to work with:

Yeah, I know you are thinking, “You seriously spent a whole dollar on this? What a piece of junk!” But this thing had potential and I knew I was going to eventually need one and spend a ton of money on one. So why not refinish this one for no money that way I save later.
2. Get out the sander! 
Yeah, if you are doing a lot of projects like this, you may want to invest in an electric sander. As for me, I only have a regular one and that will have to due for now because we are on a budget. So I sanded and then went over it again…..and then sanded it a third time. It took awhile to get all the stickers off of it, but with a little “GooGone” and sanding they eventually came off.
3. Pledge 
I used pledge and a rag to wipe off all the excess dust from the sanding.
4. I was left with this….
Yes, it does look better than it did- but wow, it still needs work. It’s all scratched and beat up.
4. Primer
I add a coat of primer to my step stool. I did the I got in all the cracks and made it as smooth as possible.
5. Add first coat of white paint. 
I added the first coat of white paint to my step stool. Now we’re getting somewhere- it’s actually starting to look decent.
6. Add the second coat of white paint. 
In this case, 2nd time is a charm. Just like with my toe-nail polish, I like to do a second coat on furniture as well to make sure all the nooks and crannies got covered.
7. Let it dry
Let it dry for awhile. I would say let it sit overnight. And then when you wake up the next morning you have a wonderful step stook that looks like it came strait from the store….and the best part- you only got it for $1.
Hope you have as much luck as I did with a project like this. With a little TLC you can have something that looks brand new!

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